July 15, 2022

  • Welcome to HellWatch Listen Read

    The sweet peals of moonlight-induced lovemaking on the streets tonight
    Listen! The soft purr of motorbikes
    Ready to strike up the night alight
    So don’t tell me of your troubles, your emotional grief
    Enjoy the sights this is shore leave
    Don’t talk of true love, unscrew your frown
    Enjoy the entertainments of nighttime town
    Experience the red rooms, the green tables, the souvenirs
    Make memories, haunting or fabled
    The gallant mist of red blooded chivalry
    Instilled in basic training
    By standing in line today
    You secure a place among the Saints
    Go get them son
    Now your life begins
    To die for your country does not win a war
    To kill for your country is what wins a war
    Don’t tell your name, don’t ask for hers
    In this land of oysters, you are the world
    The painless, plainness of military life resumes Tomorrow night
    If not for you it would’ve been cholera, malaria or some eastern disease
    Forget about it, son - a slap’s all you need
    We did it all we seen it all and worse much worse, son
    The massacres of ages - too many to recall
    Limbs rendered birds by the speed they flew off
    A soup nothingness that once was your best friend
    Motherless children and Temptress widows
    The Wild, The Useless, The Dead, The Untameable
    Snivelling fuck, staining this street
    Lucky I don’t shoot you on the spot
    bullets were made for men like you
    The impotent idiots god forgot
    Tonight you decide which corner takes residence
    Which room looms forever in your mind
    But now you’re on your own, we don’t need men like you
    Private Tristan Bongo - hereby discharged!

  • Eat Men EatWatch Listen Read

    It's always here
    Drying your clothes in the sun
    Alone, slowly burning
    I'm so thirsty I might die
    Thirty miles from the mines
    “Have you seen the drunken Captain singing?
    What d'you want to know?”
    “One more night in Absalom,
    Help yourselves men
    To Whiskey, onions and chilli
    Eat Men Eat!”
    Company A wake with a start
    Stomachs open, burning hearts
    With drills and lines this red liquid mined
    Captain bottles Rennie's red wine
    “Don't touch Rio Tinto's bottom line”
    Three long nights in those pits they called Hell
    Captain's food got me sick and oh so sleepy
    “I love you but I can feel my chest bubbling!”
    Oh so heavy and then
    Oh so light, almost something
    “And as they ran arm in arm from the burning crater Captain's screams echoed:”
    “You fucking faggots ain't seen the last of me yet
    I'll have the last laugh you cunts soon you'll see
    Each day you wake and each night you sleep
    I'll be camped in your chests
    But we kept on running, turned our backs on old Hell,
    With wine in our hearts, hailed as saviours of Old -